I need to go through and double check everything, but this should be enough for people to start thinking about characters. 🙂

I’ll keep this page updated with future drafts. The table of contents is hyperlinked and there are links at the bottom of each page to go back to the table of contents. Hopefully that makes it easy to navigate. A lot of what’s in here will replace PHB content, but you’ll still need the equipment from there. I’d also recommend that the people newer to D&D read some of the later sections like Chapter 9 (the info on combat) since idk that I explained that stuff as well as I could’ve last game.

Below is a Camp Half Blood roster if you want to get a sense for how many people are in each cabin. I just kinda populated it with NPCs, but if say one has a name you wanted to use for your character I’m happy to change it around. Also if you want to, you can create an NPC for your character to be friends with and give me their general description, or you can ask me. 🙂